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Nice - is that green grass? I wonder what to hot to brew is.   :think:
It's -4 C here and a blizzard heading our way. :dunno:
Perfect weather to stay inside and do  a stove top three gallon. 
Enjoy the day and let us know if the book is any good.
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Re: A case of the first worlds

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Hahaha I get that a lot from visitors. It's green alright but grass it is not. I got some green shag rugs to go with my brown lounge setup.  :party:

Too hot is when you run the risk of sweating to much into your beer it almost cancels out the boil off amount.

Current temp in the office.(with a bit of luck should't reach higher than 32C.. uhm about 90F I think those not into Centigrade)
It's days like this I miss living in the Waikato, in saying that I do not miss the weather enough to go back any time soon.
As for the book is pretty darn good. It's a simple. I initially purchased it on a whim as I was browsing Dymocks for a book on whiskey makers. SWMBO was shopping for shoes so I had some time to kill and I wasn't actually looking for anything specific as I'm still making my way through "The art of fermentation" by Sandor Katz (Book Depository Link).

Anyways I picked this up as I saw on the spine that it was by the BYO guys. After opening is up I saw all these clone recipes that I as keen to try and that made me take it too the counter. After getting time to read it I was very surprised that I didn't want to put it down and the clone recipes in the back came as a pleasant surprise as I finished the book.
It being Sunday, aka Chores ... (Pretend to adult whilst listening to podcasts) day I am catching up on Basic Brewing.
Turns out that Brad and Betsy were on the Basic Brewing podcast - Ep 26 Jan 2k17.(Basic Brewing Podcast).
If  I wasn't so far behind the date of purchase would have almost lined up with the podcast. its almost uncanny.
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Re: A case of the first worlds

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Too hot to brew? Is that even possible? I only know of too cold to brew, and for me that is about -30C. Its a balmy -20C here today, but it has been a warmer than usual winter. Unfortunately for us that means more snow than usual. We have had over 11 feet of snow so far since December...

I get a good shoveling workout if I want to brew, this is my deck during my latest brew, and what it looked like before I started....
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Re: A case of the first worlds

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Haha, I generally just leave it outside to slow chill in the kettle. Sometimes I lift the kettle off the burner and throw it in snowbank. I am not sure actually though if that speeds things up or not, since snow tends to have an insulating effect. I have been meaning to actually time it but would have to brew on days when the temp is exactly the same outside to really know as I don't have the equipment for side by side brews...
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