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I just harvested from my cascade hop vines for the first time this year. I think I got enough for one real good dry hopping. Some of the hops near the top had turned completely brown but still smelled good. Is there any reason not to use these? Also now that the hops are picked should I cut the vines down at the ground and let them re-grow next year?

thanks :drink:

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Use the hops. I would not let them sit for more than a week in the beer because of all the vegetative matter. Cut the vines down to the ground when the leaves yellow. The next year the roots will put forth a new bine with lots of fresh growth!
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I just used some hops growing "wild" here in Copenhagen. They seem noble in nature: spicy, lemony. But I used them in a tiny batch for bittering, assuming it was something like 3%AA, and as a finishing hop in an 80 Shilling ale.

Use em!
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