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Hi Yall,

Its my first time using the Brewferm mini kegs and tap so thought I would share my experiences with them, there seems to be allot of conflicting views on the internet. People either love them or hate them.

So far so good. Easy to fill, simply fill them leaving a few cm to spare (bulk primed before hand) and insert rubber bung (super easy!!). I also bottled some beer so I could test conditioning along the way without tapping a mini keg.



Screw dip tube to tap, Push dip tube through rubber bung until you hear a click, place CO2 cartridge into handle and pour yourself a pint (easy!!)

You need to pour the beer very slowly otherwise you get about a 1/4 of a pint of foam. about halfway through poring you need to give it a quick blast of CO2 as the pressure drops.

Compared to the bottle there seems to have an improved creamy head with better retention in the keg. The first 3 pints were a little cloudy but as you can see in the pic above its pretty darn clear now.
There is a slight difference in mouth feel, the mini keg beer seems to be a bit smoother than the bottle and possibly slightly less carbonated although Iv not done a side by side comparison yet that is on my list of things to do.

Once Iv finished this keg ill update with info on how easy they are to clean ect and a side by side bottle/mini keg thing.

Anyone else have any good/bad experiences with these?
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balli, this is something I am totally unfamiliar with. If you get time, I would love to hear more on what this whole system is.

I really enjoyed reading pist's thread here on "Tap King". At a first glance, your system looks easier though. Anyway, if you can, I'd really enjoy knowing more on this. For example is it a UK thing only or can you get them in Europe, US and Ozland?

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Nice write up Balli;

I have one of these kits coming next week. Seems like quite an inexpensive way to get compact/portable draft beer.

Sorry for the HiJack but...

Pat - there is basically a hole in the lid of the 5L can/keg that you fit a 2 piece rubber bung into, and it looks like....
so you can fill the keg, prime with sugar (etc.) fit the bung, and leave to carbonate and condition as normal.
I have read of someone tapping into one of these after 4 years and it was still OK.

When you are ready to tap/drink it, you push the tap part (long tube) in through the 2 part bung like....
beer king.jpg
This pushes out the middle section of the bung whilst still maintaining a seal. The tap clips around the keg, and there is a C02 injector system built in to pressurise when contents are drawn off. No air gets in, and once tapped can last for quite a few weeks.

In terms of costs; I ordered 5 kegs, 5 C02 bulbs, 1 tap, and 5 two piece bungs for about £60.

By the way these pics are not mine, and the last one is showing the party star system, not the Brewferm (Beer King 2000).

The only downsides I have read about these at the moment are; They cannot take huge pressures, so force carbonating seems to be unreliable. If over primed, they can buckle and become unusable. They are a little tricky to wash, sanitise, and dry out (some advocate sterilising in an oven at 80C). But they are re-usable as long as you don't scratch them and they become rusty.
The last point I will make is that you can also use some of the commercial kegs in the same way. I don't know if these are just available in Europe or around the world but there seems to be a large choice..
5l kegs.JPG
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Thanks for posting that write up mally.

Finished a keg last night and I found cleaning pretty easy. Treated it like I would a bottle, rinse with warm water, fill with warm water and add a bit of Oxy Clean and leave to rest for 20mins, rinse, rinse then rinse again.

The hard part is getting them dry. Left them upside down all night to drain and there is still water inside so Iv shaken what I can out and left it the right side up to air.

little plastic lids are provided with the kegs to keep dust and stuff out while storing.

I found this place to be the cheapest in the UK ... 1524-p.asp

Thy also offer a bung with pressure relief that will keep your kegs at 2.5 bar so no chance of buckling although they are very expensive at £4.45 compared to the regular bungs (just 50p). Might be worth the investment though.

No its not Just a UK thing they seem to be available all over Europe.

My GF bought me a mini keg (full of beer) from the purple moose brewery for valentines day so ill be reusing that one too :drink:

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The reads above are well-written and much appreciated mally and balli. Thanks for taking the time :peace:. I don't think we have these here in Ozland yet. There's something about this mini-stuff that keeps nagging me. I think it is in a good way though.

Thanks again :salute:.
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