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My stove can only boil about 18 ltr of water in my 19 ltr pot, but I know I've seen instructions on how to get around 23ltr from a 19ltr pot but can't find it anywhere.
Can someone please point me in the direction of some instructions to do this, or write out steps here for me please. I know I've seen instructions, but can't find them again!!!


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This question needs a detailed answer and I don't have that time atm sorry Sniper. Give me a few days and I will get back to you but...

It will take me an hour or two to reply here properly so please make sure that before I spend that time, you edit your title to something that is more informative, one that will help others in the future. Also see this post.


*Believe it or not, just getting to the stage of writing the above (researching old threads etc) has taken a little over half an hour :o.
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