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I was just sitting down to ask this question when I saw I had a message.. Thanks MS...

Hey folks. I've never done a Belgian anything and would like to try a wit beer. For the first try, I bought a kit from an on line brewing supply store...

Basically, the recipe is 6/10's Belgian Pils, 3/10's White Wheat and 1/10 flaked oats... along with some coriander and bitter orange zest.

Being's we have a world wide community here, I thought there might be someone who could lead me in the right direction.

Martin Brungard suggests a yellow balanced or yellow malty profile. Apparently, Peter Celis brewing moved from Belgium to Austin, TX and opened a brewery there because the water is similar to back home in Belgium. That water is VERY different from Bru'n Waters yellow profiles. I'm at a bit of a loss. I'm sure I could get away with using local water.. but, why not learn something about a profile.. ? Not so much a city profile.. but, what I should want to end up with Austin is not too bad.. but high in HCO3. It is not very dissimilar to what we have here in my town along the Russian River plain... but, Not knowing where I should end up.. makes it difficult to figure salt additions.

Thanks for any help.

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Thanks.. do you think that's the end water.. or is it likely the starting water and it is boiled to precipitate out some/most of the hardness.. Except for the Carbonate, it looks to be a good profile from what little I can gather. I emailed a friend who has won about everything that's possible. He got back to me and one of the things he mentioned was to get the Cl/SO4 ratio fairly even.. around 50ppm.
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Think I finally have it narrowed down.. Now, all I have to do is try to figure how to put it in BeerSmith and BIAB for brew records. :)
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