Did I ruin it?

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Looking for some guidance!

I'm a new BIAB brewer, having done some extract brewing over 20 years ago. I'm on my 3rd BIAB batch and things were going well for the first 2 days after I placed it in the fermenter. But then I was away for 2 days and came back to find the stopper and airlock had blown off and krausen on the side of the bottle (lesson learned, should have used a blow-off tube). I'm not sure how long it was like this: could have been an hour or two, but maybe up to 2 days. I cleaned and resanitized the stopper/airlock and crossed my fingers. It continued to ferment for several days and now has slowed down, but there is a thick layer of krausen that hasn't settled, which has me uneasy. It's been a week after discovering the mishap and 11 days after placing in the fermenter.

Should I transfer to a secondary fermenter? Any other thoughts?

Thanks for any help and advice!
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