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Greetings to djohnston97019 and Pomegranate.

djohnston97019 - Efficiency improves with experience and then it waivers due to those darn variables that are beyond control. Do not get too concerned with efficiency numbers as you cannot drink them. Focus on the beer and enjoy the learning process.

Pomegranate - A few posts earlier I mentioned electric BIAB links here
Also read some advice on ball valve choice. You can use the search tool in the upper right to look for "ball valve" where you may decide to add one later. If you must transfer hot liquid, there is a correct type of tubing for that and it can be a siphon, rather than connected to a ball valve. As for chilling, you can use a no-chill cube or you can cover your 'kettle' with a sanitized cloth and let it cool to ambient temperature overnight and pitch yeast when the temperature is good to do so. Lots of choices. You can get to beer by whatever combination suits your conditions.

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Hi, I'm Jack aka CaisterMa. I live in New Jersey USA. I've been brewing for about 2 years now. I first discovered the process from a BYO article and started dig into it from all sources (podcast, forum, magazines... you name it). Glad to be part of this forum and I'm looking forward to all the knowledge I learn from here.
Hey what's up! My recommendation gear.
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Hi all,
I'm Eddy from Newcastle, UK (originally Prestatyn, Wales). I'd been told about this site a while ago and again this weekend just gone, especially the biabacus sheet so thought I'd come have a look.
I'm liking the look, had a read of the rules and they all make sense:)
I've been brewing for 8 years, started brewing wine as something to use up forage which was the original hobby. I'm up to 15-20 gallons of foraged wine per year now.
I started brewing beer a year or so after wine, started with Woodfordes Nog kit that leaked all over my cupboard. A year later I tried again, a DME recipe that went down a treat and have not looked back.
After a few DME batches, then some partial mash batches I moved to BIAB. I have a 15l pan, a brew bag and just go for 2 uk gallon (9l) batches.
I like to try putting some forage in the beer, now growing my own hops, as well as currants in the brew and this year I plan to make a gorse ale.
When I'm not brewing, I work one day a week as a pharmacist and 6 days a week as a dad.

Looking forward to getting stuck in here, cheers:)
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Welcome, Eddy from Newcastle.Thanks for the interesting mention of your foraging ingredients for both wine and beer.. No foraging from work as a pharmacist allowed. I am joking because I would so like to have access to all the things in the labs where I used to work... :whistle: ;)
The BIABacus can scale your recipes to fit your kit and you will find that it most useful. If you have questions along the way, ask and someone will get an answer to you.


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Hi All,

Total brewbie here. Looking to get started with small 1 - 2 gallon all grain BIAB on basic equipment. I understand most of the brewing process (I think*) but am struggling with the complexity of the recipe scaling process. Definitely would welcome help in that area.

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Greetings, anthropas.

You can start with small batches as your goal but when you purchase a kettle you should consider larger volume rather than just-big-enough. That's especially true if you want to make higher gravity (OG>1.050) beers using All Grain.

As a beginner, please read Clear Brewing Terminology so we can talk the same language.

As for scaling, try the BIABacus spreadsheet
The spreadsheet takes some time to master but it is worth it.
Use it before you purchase your starting ingredients (grains and hops).
Sometimes the AA% value for hops is not immediately available from a supplier and those values slowly decline over time, but do the best you can. The unchanged recipe source values go on the left side, yours will be on the right.

Ask questions and you will get answers.
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