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Hi All!

I'm from the Southern part of New Jersey, about an hour from Atlantic City and half an hour from Philadelphia, PA. My experience is extract brewing for a couple of years. I eventually upgraded my brew kettle to a Blichmann G2 10 gallons and started full boil extract brewing. After reading about BIAB, I decided to purchase a brew bag, cereal killer and pulley, now all that I need to do, is brew that first BIAB. I'm thinking of an Irish Red from Northern Brewer. I look forward to gaining all sorts of valuable information here and to help those on questions that I may have answers to.

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Greetings, mdrewicz. Yes, you have found a great resource for learning and sharing. Take advantage of it by reading and asking questions. If you are based between the U.K. and France, where might that be, other than in the English Channel? :whistle:

Hello, Kevin / Chorgey - a kit might include starting materials that are best suited to 3 vessel brewing instead of BIAB. You might be able to enter the recipe in the BIABacus if they gave enough details. Even if the recipe does not reveal the weight of each ingredient, you can still brew it and get beer. Take good notes along the way. :luck:

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Hi all! :thumbs:

Incredibly happy to have stumbled upon this great looking website as my next brewing challenge will be to jump right into the BIAB method..

I've been making beer from simple 1- & 2-can pre-hopped extract kits since last Summer, and whilst that's good fun (and good value) I'm totally overdue for some real brewing action.

I have significant space and budget constraints for this hobby. For example, I'll be using a (small but nice) 15-litre (to the brim) stainless pot. I also plan to design and (with some assistance!) make a suitable BIAB bag.

I have lots to explore, and many initial questions I'm sure there are already answers to within this information-rich BIAB website! :salute:


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Welcome Adrian :peace:

There is a lot of info here however it is very buried at the moment so don't hesitate to start new threads with your questions.

Your kettle size is very small so keep an eye on this thread by @BrewJeep6 . I'm impressed with you guys taking on these small batch sizes.

Good on you :thumbs:
If you have found the above or anything else of value on, consider supporting us by getting some BIPs!
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Aussie here living in Canada, trying to utilise some Aussie approaches to brewing beer and saving water. Haven't tried the no-chill method yet, as I've built myself a recirculating immersion wort chiller with a submersible pump and an Esky, using ice to chill the water, and the water at the end is used to clean my equipment.

I've tried a few all-grain BIAB batches now, getting close to my numbers but never hitting them precisely. I've been using Beersmith and I think it's a combination of not having the equipment profile and brewhouse efficiency precisely dialled in, and early batches not having good temp control for the mash.

Every brew is a new experience for learning and having fun, and every time I learn something new, hence joining this forum to delve well and truly down the rabbit hole to improve my batches.

There seems to be a wealth of information on here and most, if not all, should be able to help me.

Looking forward to the next step in this adventure!

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Hello, Whitew / Will and GVIII.
Have a look around the various topics on the forum and ask questions before you brew. A lengthy brew day plus fermentation and resting time can save you an hour of reading... Just kidding. Clear Brewing Terminology and the BIABacus are recommended subjects.
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Hi all,

I'm registering as I'm new to BIAB brewing - looking for a simpler process than 3v brewing.

I'm based in Cheshire, UK, and brewed extract kits previously and recently did an all grain batch in a friends Grainfather.

I'm aiming for smallish batch sizes to try many styles. I've got a couple of Burco 30L boilers and a variety of fermenting vessels from 16L to 30L.

I did my first BIAB brew yesterday. After reading various sources, was persuaded to go with full volume of water and batch sparge it. Scaled it for 11.5L based on roughly halving all quantities for 23L batch size. Mashed fine - All good so far. Drained off the liquor from the bag, then boiled. First issue - it was a vigorous rolling boil and the boil losses seemed very high. Hopped via a spider no issues. Protofloc 15 mins before end. Inserted immersion chiller. Cooled to around 20C in less than 4 mins. Super - get an SG reading 1054 vs target of 1055 - hmm, doesn't seem much liquor left.

Ok, transfer to fermenter. Just under 7L. Ok, losses to grain and evaporation higher than I realised. Quick final check of SG 1077!!! Oh, there's a weird suspension in the solution - evenly distributed throughout. Try and get it to settle - very slowly settling out but I'm assuming this is the protein break that, due to the small batch size had nowhere to go?

Still, it's fermenting away now and will see how it turns out. Will try a proper BIAB scaled batch!

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Hey everyone!

Ive tried a couple of brews now just with the mangrove pouches and a couple of extract tins (most eextravagant ive done is an irish stout with a couple of hops in addition).
Been researching a lot recently about AG brewing and decided to get myself a 50L stock pot and a 3 ring burner and give it a go doing a BIAB!

Im hoping to do a brew this weekend as i have a fermenter sitting around gathering dust. Grabbed a few recipes i like from beer smith and ordered up the ingeredients (hopefully arriving tomorrow).

I think i may have slipped up on the ordering for one of the recipes though as ive put all the data into the BIABcalc excel sheet (thank you to the created of that work of a genius!) and its saying ive only ordered a 3rd of the requires grains. does that seem right?
These are the recipes ive been looking at: ... golden-ale ... -stoutquot

The first one is all good to go by the looks of things. ive ordered up what it says on the link and the calc excel sheet said what you need is the same. the stout one however comes back that i need way more than what the creator used even when he was using a 50l pot?

All well and good for now as the 1st recipe it looks like the order i placed will be good to go when it arrives. the stout may have to wait a couple of months as the mrs is ready to give birth to our 1st son any week now! :thumbs:

Im also a little dubious about the method to use also, im planning on:

heat water in stock pot to 66 degrees
drop in bag of grains and clip to edge of pot so it doesnt touch the bottom
give it a good stir, put on the lid and wrap it in a blanket
stir it every 15 mins and check temperature has not dropped, if so heat back up to mash temp
remove bag of grains after mash time is complete and sqeeze to drain off any excess wort.
boil wort and add hops at allotted times.
wait for liquid to cool to roughly 25 degrees
pour into fermeneter and add yeast.

Any guidence anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated!!
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Greetings all! My first post here, very excited to get going. I'm from the south shore of Boston, transplanted from north west Ohio.

I'm new to BIAB, only 1 beer so far; however, I've been a homebrewer since 1992 and started all grain, three vessel in 1995. We've recently downsized so I needed to downsize my brewing set up but I'm loving the BIAB especially since I've gone electric at the same time.
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Welcome smertin and PBWsTrove. Good to have you aboard.

PBWsTrove - BIAB is great and your prior experience will make it easy. There is a forum section on electric brewing if you haven't already found it.

smertin - your unbridled enthusiasm is awesome. If your golden ale recipe in both plans agrees with one another, then go ahead on that one this weekend. Keep good records and let us know how it went.
Where you have discrepancies, we will need to see your BIABacus file. The reason for that is other sources of recipes are all over the map with how they talk about things. Use the forum Search feature for "recipe integrity" and you will get a firehose of info. Note that it might also apply to the golden ale recipe, but I can't tell.
As for mash stirring - Make sure the mash temp is good at the beginning with the grains already in, and I'd recommend not more than two uncoverings for stirring and temp check during your 90 min mash, say 30 and 60 minute from start. If you do stir every 15 min, you will definitely need to add heat later on.
Do not put the kettle lid on during the boil. If you are not going to actively chill after the boil, then consider covering the kettle with a sanitized cloth during the cool-down phase of ~7 hours. If you are brewing indoors for the first time, be aware that you will distill off more than a gallon and a half of water and fill your domicile with the lovely smell of grains. I got kicked outdoors for that.
When you pour into the fermenter, there will be trub. At this point, try to minimize transferring it but do not worry about it. Some brewers transfer it all while others go to great lengths to eliminate it. After one week in the fermenter, there will be lots of tan crud on the bottom. Will you use a secondary fermenter?
Congrats on the upcoming birth!

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Thank you very much for all of the info! I was planning on doing just the golden ale brew this weekend but ordred up the grains milled for both recipes to save on delivery, found out they cant be stored for too long and decided to do both of them!

Everything seemed like it went well, the calculator helped a great deal with finding out what headpspace I should be at. Got the golden ale into the fermeneter today and have the stout in a chiller for the evening. Will put that into a fermenter tomorrow.

I will be using a secondary for the stout after 4 days. The golden ale i may just leave in primary for 2 weeks then prime in a bottling bucket and into the usual plactic bottles!

The only major issue ui ran into was getting the liquid after boil into the cooler. May have to invest in either a cooling coil or a stainless steel pot and drill a tap into the side (heard alluminium is not going to be strong enough).
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Hi all,

I live in Thirroul, south of Sydney, and I'm just getting into all grain brewing (and brewing in general). I've now done three small batch brews. The second one was a failure and that's what led to me discovering this site. I've been using small mesh bags that came with a small batch kit for my grain. They work fine for a 5 litre brew but I tried to up things to 10 litres and realised that these bags weren't right. They were packed too tight with grain and the middle didn't get wet, so my OG was terrible - 1.020.

So I started searching for better techniques and this is where I ended up. I've got a 19 litre pot and now I just need a proper bag and I can get started on mini-BIAB. I've found lots of great recipes I want to try but I'm not sure how to get the grain quantities right for mini-BIAB, so I'm keen to have a play with BIABacus.

Looking forward to learning from all of you BIAB masters! :thumbs:

Cheers, Chris Riedy
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Welcome to the forum, Deaconbrew. Do let us know how it goes when you get to brewing.

And Greetings to creidy, too. Once you have a go at the BIABacus, grain amounts will start to make sense. You can post your BIABacus file for comments or if you have specific questions. There is also a good deal of info on the proper bag mesh size and dimensions you can find by using the search icon (magnifying glass) in the upper right of the page. :luck:

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