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Hi all,

I’m no good at these intros so I’ll do the suggestions !

1. Where are you from? Brisbane, Australia
2. How did you stumble across the site? Googling
3. What you think of it so far? So far, so good
4. Have you brewed at all before. If so, for how long and what method are you currently using? Just a few fresh wort kits, researching all grain
5. Do you work? Are you retired or maybe you run a household? Work in insurance

Thanks all

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Hi all,

My name is William and started brewing in the summer of 2018.
I started with some cans of extract, but this wasn't satisfying enough. I made a shopping list, bought my gear.
An automated 30 liter brewing system (Easybrew/Brewmonk/Ace/Klarstein) enabled me to start brewing with malts and hops.
I like it alot, but is has some disadvantages, there is a risk of burning on the bottom, the filterbed can clog up, and eventually starting to overflow or dry up on the bottom.
Of course all of these can be mitigated, but it is all about brewing 20-30 liter batches at a time. I wanted more!

So by more, i don't mean larger volumes, but I want to brew more often, smaller batches and experiment with recipes.
This means I had to buy additional gear, and this time it was cheap and easy... Brew in a bag it is!

Yesterday I had a very decent brewday, no stress and plenty of time to clean up or prepare the next steps.
The values were very much as expected. Using the spiral cooler of my Easybrew system the temperature dropped like a brick and ready for transfer to my fermentation vessel.
Maybe I turn my automated brewing system in a brew in a bag system, it can control temperature, use the pump to circulate wort and pump it to the fermentation vessel as well.
This means I have to look for a good size brew bag, and take measures to make sure the bottom of the bag does not get burned. I have an electric hoist in my garage, so lifting a full bag is nog problem, and I might be able to do additional sparging as well.

Well, time to think about my next brew.
I became a BIAB fan!

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Welcome to the forum, wdorrepaal / William. Thanks for the informative first post.
You started at a high level of automation and complexity. Now you can use BIAB to get a feel for what is controllable and what to just let happen and later incorporate that into your more automated brewing. A hybrid situation where you use BIAB with its bag in the automated system is an interesting possibility. To keep the bag from touching the hot parts you can either employ a spacer such as a false bottom or you can suspend the bag away from the hot parts when actively applying heat. I find that heating the kettle with the bag in place is only for short time periods and the bag can hang suspended from above as necessary. In a full-volume BIAB process there is no need to sparge, but you can use Section W of the BIABacus and sparge if you choose.
Let us know how you employ your kit. Brew on!

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Hi there, new brewer here based in Oxford, UK. My wife bought me a Northern Brewer Kit recently but I'm already looking to diving straight into all grain with BIAB, 3 gallon batches would suit me best. I came across the site just from Googling brewing methods and BIAB looked like a great place to start.

I've been drinking 'good' beer for about five years. I'm originally from the UK but lived in Australia for about seven years and am lucky enough to have travelled a lot and tried many, many beers from around the world. I'm now back in the UK and exploring the local scene. I'm a very keen cook and kitchen experimenter of all sorts. I also make my own bacon, chorizo, pastrami, that sort of thing. I work as a physicist so I'm naturally very inquisitive and experimental; brewing seems like a natural progression to satisfy my taste buds and curiosity!

Look forward to learning from you all :)
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Welcome to the forum ComptonEffect. I think it's great to have another experimentalist on board (I'm a retired organic chemistry process research guy who also bakes bread). With your world of beer-tasting experience and kitchen skills you can soon make beers you like with BIAB. Start with good ingredients and keep good records and you will find that the variables involved (many!) provide ample challenges to you.
I get 5 gallons Volume Into Packaging (VIP) from a 10.15 gallon (US) kettle. If you want to make 3 gallon (Imperial?) batches, get the bigger kettle because you will have an easier time with it.
Keep us posted on progress and results, please.
Brew on. :drink:

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