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All brewers, new and experienced, are encouraged to participate in this site provided they read all topics in BIABrewer.info Essentials and Important Notices.

[center]Welcome to BIABrewer.info![/center]

Welcome to the world of brewing brilliant all-grain beer in just a single 'hard' vessel! The Brew In A Bag method is significantly easier to understand and employ than traditional all-grain home-brewing methods yet produces beers that have proven, even in competitions, to be the equivalent to traditional (batch or fly-sparged) beers requiring three 'hard' vessels.

This site enables a very easy path for both those considering all-grain brewing and also for the traditional brewer that wishes to brew a higher quantity of the same quality beer with   less time, labour and expense. This site is also the central online source on the for BIAB and has been brought to life by the brewers who founded the method in 2006 and have heavily pioneered, explored and explained it since.

BIABrewer.info Culture

The environment of BIABrewer aims to not only be educational but also helpful, humorous and sociable. Experienced BIABrewers are encouraged to take a bit of time to monitor and help out in the beginners' sections. New BIABrewers or those who have never even brewed a beer before should not be worried about asking what they think are too simple or, "silly," questions. The most experienced and valuable members here know that learning the different levels of brewing can be a tad bewildering and will go to great lengths to help you. It is very important that you acknowledge those lengths by initially acknowledging their replies and then asking further questions if need be. After that, it is important that you then pass on what you have learned to others when you can and/or financially support the site.

The excellent site culture you find here was mainly created by the original members showing great respect and empathy to all others. While the occasion has rarely arisen, we have a low tolerance attitude to any member who treats the site or other members with disrespect. This site offers you an opportunity to be part of not only a great community but also one that has and is still making revolutionary contributions and developments to the brewing world.

Essential Reading Before Collecting Your Site Keys

To enable the above culture we ask that everyone reads and becomes familiar with all topics in BIABrewer.info Essentials and Important Notices.

The topics above will assist you greatly in getting the most out of BIABrewer.info and making you a part of the community as soon as possible.

If You Need Help

If you are having trouble getting started on the site, you can post in The Visitor's Thread. Before posting there, make sure you realise the importance of reading the above and making an introductory post in the My First Post! thread.

Cheers and all the best to you,

Note: The technical side of BIABrewer.info was brought to life and is maintained by NME at no charge to us! If you need someone with site management and maintenance skills, he is the man to contact. May many free beers pass his way  ;)

All brewers, new and experienced, are encouraged to participate in this site provided they read all topics in BIABrewer.info Essentials and Important Notices.
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