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I have some clear (corona) bottles I was thinking of bottling a hefeweizen in. Is it correct that the negative affect of light on beer comes from the interaction with hop oils? If so, would that mean that a lightly hopped beer like a hef, would be minimally affected by light?

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I think if you take corona as an example, of which I have never tasted one that isn't skunky, and is quite minimally hopped, thats a pretty good indication that any beer containing even a small amount of hops will skunk in a clear bottle. That being said, as long as you keep them out of the light, you will be just fine...
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Got any highlights Josh? (I'm short on time!)

I'd be surprised though if lightly hopped beers would be any less affected. Most noble hopped lagers/pilsners brewed OS and shipped to Ozland end up skunked regardless of the bottle they are in. I can't remember though having a skunked Corona though unless it was basically left to over-heat.

Hope you have time to educate us time-poor at least a quick summary on this particular podcast Josh.

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PP, any Hopped beer that uses Standard Hops can go Skunky.

See a write up at

The Big Brewery's use a Hop Extract called 'Tetra' Hops,

see ... /yc-tetra/

If you can "Get" the Tetra Hops, you will need a calculator...

And if you have time to read a 'Brewing Network Forum" see ... 7&start=10

Note: for Seppo's - check ... gQodxCQGYQ "HopShot"
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If it is a very sunny day, pour 3 clear glasses of your favorite Beer.
Take Glasses 2 outside in the Sun, place one glass in a dark box or cover it with a light proof Cover, leave the second glass in the Sun, and put the third in a refrigerator.

Wait 20 minutes..........

Bring the cold brew outside, remove the Cover on the Second, and taste test the 3 glasses and see how heat and Light can affect Homebrew beer.

Try this again, with your Favorite Mega-Swile, and see how Iso-Hops work.
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