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I'm about to brew another Amarillo Pale Ale. This will be my third attempt. I'm trying to record better and need some clarification on what I should actually record. I'm using an electric BIAB system. I am also using the mashout method as described in the commentary.

1. Mash Volume. At mashing temperature the volume of the water and grain. I think this is straight fwd.
2. Volume into boil. Since I am doing the mashout method there will be no subsequent boil. So I think this is simply the volume of sweet liquor after the grain removed.
3. Volume at flame out. Again since I'm not doing the boil method this should be the same as volume into boil.
4. Volume of ambient wort. After chilling to room temperature the volume of sweet liquor.
5 Gravity of ambient wort. The specific gravity of of the sweet liquor.

I think some of the input fields in the spreadsheet apply to those utilizing the boil method versus the mashout method as described in the commentary. I'm hoping I have finally wrapped my head around the input fields for the washout method and by recording this it will give me feedback on any future corrections.

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Post #2 made 1 year ago I'm confused. I have re-read the commentary and I think I was confusing the term mash and boil. In my prior brews I crash chilled the sweet liquor immediately after mashout...there was no successive boiling (that is no wort). To make this more clear I added my hops during the mash with no other boiling.

I suppose a 90 minute post mash boil is assumed by the recipe even though not explicitly stated in the spreadsheet. This stuff is fun...My last 2 brewed turned out great despite but was a bit mild...not surprising since I never lost any volume to the boil.


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Hello Ninkas,

It sounds like you were mashing malt but when supposed to go to boil you chilled instead... Is this correct? That would explain a lot of things. Why no boil? Just misunderstanding the process...?

Are you able to boil with your system? You really want to... And we normally boil for 90 minutes. There is a field in the BIABacus file that gives your boil time. And this can be changed... Some do boil for less (I.E. 60 minutes), and less boil will produce less evaporation which means more wort at conclusion of brew day.

Hops are normally added after the grain bag is pulled. If using FWH (First Wort Hopping) - that is when you would add FWH hops (after pulling bag and before boil starts). Usually hops are added during boil. A 60 minute bittering hop addition, for example, is added 60 minutes from end of boil / flame out. 10 minute hop addition for aroma at 10 minutes before Flame Out, etc. We normally think of adding hops during or around boil... Dry hopping would be done normally half way through fermentation...a totally different topic.

As a note, I check gravity at conclusion of mash before going to boil. There is a field in the BIABacus for this. It helps as a “check point” to tell you if there was a problem with mash efficiency or you are good to go. Then of course check gravity at conclusion of boil. And if you had too much evaporation and wound up with too high an OG there are fields for adding water to dilute gravity... But all this talk on gravitates are assuming the process is correct, and that you are using the BIABacus file where we can help you.

Like PistolPatch had requested on a previous response to you / past thread, attaching a copy of your BIABacus file would be very helpful to those of us trying to help. This is as much that I can do without more info / reviewing your BIABacus file, etc.
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Success...I think. I have attached the *.xls file for reference. I was surprised by my low evaporation rate. I use an e-brew system with PID and circulating system. Maybe leaving the lid on reduced the evaporation rate? Maybe the boil was not vigorous enough? I kept temp around 212 F. Regardless my spec gravities were much closer then the past. Hope it tastes as well.

Aside from some clumsiness with valves and efficiency...not a bad way to spend a morning.
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It's looking better... You're on the right track. :clap:

Yes, you are supposed to remove the lid during the boil. That's supposed to reduce potential for DMS, an off flavor in beer (believe that tastes somewhat like cooked corn). And this will cause much more evaporation - as the BIABacus plans for. It will lower your VAW (volume) and increase your gravity to what you were shooting for. So this is one glaring error, but you've came a long ways and should be able to nail it next time. :thumbs:
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