Spreadsheet PR 1.3T not working for me

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Hi there,

I downloaded version PR 1.3T yesterday.

I have entered all the info into sections A, B, C, D, E, G AND H.

Expected OG, bitterness to gravity ratio and other fields are not populating in section A.

I entered in substitutions into section D but it has not populated the "What you wil use section".

Also, section K and beyond is not auto-populating.

I am really disppointed cause I felt Beersmith was like the Photoshop of brewing and was way over my head and beyond my needs. Biabacus was recommended to me due to its simplicity.

Hope it's an easy fix. Thanks for all your work on the spreadsheet so far.

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Re: Spreadsheet PR 1.3T not working for me

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HoppitonBrewery -
I have some questions about your situation, but first try this:

You do not need to fill in ALL the boxes, but some are critical.
Section C green boxes on the right should populate if you have filled in the [fermentable grain types in the white boxes on the left] and corresponding [Grams/Ratios] on the left AFTER you have filled in all the empty white number fields on the right side in Section B above. You can make substitutions later.

Immediately under the bar on top of Section C. The Fermentable Bill, It is an either/or choice: , you do not have to fill in [This recipe requires an Original Gravity (OG)] box IF you have filled in the [For this batch though, I’d like to try an OG of:] box. IF you put a different number in each, you will see the populated green Grams and Pounds boxes change accordingly.

Section D for the hop bill may not populate on the right side on first try. I have had that experience and I will see if I can duplicate it and get back to you on a solution.

In the meantime, always save your file with the .xls extension at the end of the filename. If you don't, the file has a good chance of getting corrupted when opened and the best recovery is to download a fresh blank one again.

Re: Spreadsheet PR 1.3T not working for me

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Turns out all I needed to do was put in the OG the recipe requires at the top of section C.

As the recipe I'm using didn't give OG and FG, I have used the BJCP guidelines to see what it should be for the style I am brewing.

Does Biabacus calculate the potential points for each grain type you enter and then calculate the OG based on the brewhouse efficiency or mash efficiency? The expected OG in section A exactly matches the 'recipe requires an OG of' that I manually entered whihc seems to good to be true.........

As I mentioned, I have used the Substitutions part of section D. I have used Simcoe (12.2%a) instead of Citra (11%a). I was surprised that the program is telling me to use more Simcoe than the amounts of Citra that were in the recipe given that Simcoe has a higher %a. This doesn't seem right - can you pleae confirm?

Finally, I just wanted to clarify what the "Mash Volume" in section K is. Is it the total volume taken up by the TWN and the grain?

Thanks so much.

PS: I am finding the little question marks for each section aren't doing anything when I click them - I assume they should link to a help page or section description page? Thanks.
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