Whirlpooling with Immersion Chiller

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Well! Long time no Post!
9 Years since i have joined this forum and while i havent been active i have visited on occasion to extract knowledge held withing these walls! I am still Biab brewer - proudly after all these years and continue to produce pretty fine beers. I tell you what, it is satisfying to have been apart of the evolution of BIAB into a legitimate and accepted method of brewing award winning All Grain beer!!

Anyhow... i have a question regarding whirlpool and chilling with an immersion chiller. Who does it? How do you do it? Do you see enhanced results by whirlpooling? I simply cannot get a whirlpool going in my vessell as my chiller is just too large. I am thinking maybe i can put the chiller in the boil 20 mins before flame out to sterilise , remove chiller at flame out (sit on a clean sanitised surface), whirlpool, let sit for 20 minutes then put the chiller back in (gently) and begin the chill process.


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Re: Whirlpooling with Immersion Chiller

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I don' brew that often now, and when I do I no chill so cannot help with experience.

I originally thought that others had success with drill attachments but that may be hit and miss too. :dunno:

See this thread if it helps https://www.biabrewer.info/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3918
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